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"This bakery is a delight to walk in to. The aromatic smells that fills one's head all day long are inexplicable; which goes along with the "sinful" taste of all the "goodies" that are displayed after being baked fresh daily. The women go above and beyond to make each one of us, the customer and eventually the "consumer" to feel as if we have their undivided attention. The attention to detail and our individual wants and even demands is met with friendly smiles and complete individual attention. The owners and their helpers are truly kind, friendly, able to answer any question, very honest and helpful. Pat-a-Cakes is worth the drive and effort to get there. You are missing out if you do not take the drive to Noblesville to flip through the many books of cakes and cookies and also just to take a gander at their displays and eventually buy a fresh-baked sticky roll or snicker doodle cookies, the melt in your mouth butter creams, the “to die for" chocolate chip cookies, etc... the list continues...... Thank you ladies, a job very well done and your store definitely deserves much more recognition. Keep up the hard work you do!" By a Carmel House Wife

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"We love Pat-a-cakes and were so happy to see a new bakery with fresh ideas in a growing area. Thank you to the owners for bringing your establishment to us, the drive is worth it." By Lisa M

"So wonderful, delicious and mouth-watering. A great place to buy those every day and special treats… It is a wonderful experience and a joy to go to Pat-a-Cakes." By Dan

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"Can you say wonderfully delicious and ever-so-moist? WOW!!!! Customer service up front to the bakers in back, great combination of hard workers and team work. Keep those smiles, and work together and you will continue to grow. We will continue to buy from you for many occasions, small and large. " By a Happy Family

"Always have to stop by Pat-A Cakes when I am heading south ... if not I have done myself a great injustice. They create absolutely delicious home-baked goods. The owners , and master creators of the shop, deserve many applauses for their edible creations. As long as I can get through traffic on 32, I will stop by. DELICIOUS!!!!"  By Dan W